5 Different “Body Types” for Women – Get to know yours.

Do you know your body type? Did you know that typically there are “5” body types that can be applied to women? Interested in your Style “Type” Personality? And did you know that there is proven research that based on your Body Type, there is a specific “Diet” that is recommended. All of this and more, will be discussed over the next few blogs to help you plan and understand what works best for that very special Y-O-U!!

You can walk into a department store and all of the clothes look the same and on big blob. Let’s face it, all of us have challenges when it comes to clothes shopping BUT, there are some things you can do to overcome those difficulties and actually make shopping more pleasant and have an end result you are thrilled about.

Have you ever noticed that some of your outfits have the ability to transform your mood and make you feel and look like a million bucks. The unfortunate part is….if you do not know “how” to dress for your body type, the end result could be frustrating. So that’s why I’ve written this blog to help you get started to know your body type and how to dress to accentuate your assets, and to help you know what clothes to try and what makes you look and feel amazing.

What Are the Most Common 5 (F-I-V-E) Body Shapes?

Image Source (Purchased from shutterstock.com)
  1. The “Apple” typically has broader shoulders and bust, and narrower hips.   There is normally “no” defined waist with this body type as weight tends to form on the stomach and they have great legs and slim hips.   Great styles are V-neck and open necklines with statement pieces of jewellery.    
  2. The “Pear” aka Spoon or Bell have shoulders that are narrower than hips.  One CAN achieve symmetry by wearing BOOTLEG pants and AVOID skinny pants. Wearing skinny pants will make you appear wider than you are.
  3. The “Inverted” Triangle. You’ll know you’re an inverted triangle if your shoulders are broader than your hips. In this case, you should always look for tops with a scoop of V-neck because they will make your shoulders appear narrow. Also, AVOID strapless and halter tops because they will accentuate your broader upper body even more.
  4. The “Banana” aka Rectangular/Straight. This is the body shape that is most often referred to as a “boyish” figure. You can tell if your body is straight up and down with very little waist, and your shoulders and hips are the same width. As a rectangle, you want to create a waistline with wrap dresses and funky belts.
  5. The “Hourglass”.  This is the body shape we all strive to achieve and this if your shoulders and hips are EXACTLY the same width and your waist is WELL defined, your upper and lower body are opposing triangles facing in, then you are an HOURGLASS.  Women in this category can wear just about anything EXCEPT boxy clothing, which tends to overpower their figure.

 Before you do any shopping, stand in front of a mirror and STUDY your body. Get to know what you like look and LOVE it and perhaps try this online quiz.  

Body type quiz

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