COM0015 – BLOG #1: Social Media Managers Eat W/Spoons & Read Feedly


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Social Listening is BIG.

You have to listen. Have you ever heard somebody say, “you hear me but, you don’t listen to me.”? Well, if not then think about it for a second. You don’t just have customers, you have customer insights. You don’t just have shares, you have popular sharing times. When you have your business and an online strategy you immediately have your basic starting steps of optimizing your platforms, managing marketing campaigns, product sales funnels, etc. Listening is a second step to most business’, it comes further down the line but it doesn’t have to. You don’t need an audience to know what to listen for even, you have your business to tell you that. If you make sure you are ready then you can take advantage when the time comes, if you are already there then it is time to pick your social media silverware.


Deciding on a spoon, fork or knife

What is your favorite utensil to eat with? Is it a fork, so you can delicately target your piece of food? How about a knife, to cut through those hard obstacles on your plate? Or how about a spoon, to grab the optimal amount as fast as possible in one smooth swipe? Just like on social media. These are all used in optimal situations and sometimes they just become a distraction. Trying to learn software that you don’t even need is a HUGE waste of time and time, is money.

  • Forks: Hootsuite offers three unique plans so you can find the perfect solutions and strategies to fit your business’s needs while social mention, rates all mentions on four scales: Strength, Sentiment, Passion and Reach. These are tools pick a specific action and execute it, like when I am stabbing those last KD noodles from the bottom of the pot.. yuummm.

  • Knives: Mention is an amazing tool that is capable of high volume competitive analysis and it can also search mentions in 42 different languages. Buzzsumo is a post monitoring and boosting platform basically, so it still doesn’t fully encompass all of the aspects of social media managing either. These tools target a problem and cut right through it, like when I had to use my plastic fork to cut my bbq chicken.
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  • Spoons: My favorite social media trend monitoring tools are Hubspot and Sprout Social because they both have cameras pointing at every aspect of my business. They both push my professional development as a social media manager forward by creating an easy to navigate layout, low prices and by providing almost every aspect of social media I need. They both keep track of campaigns, competitors, keyword tracking,  posts, impressions, mentions, CTA’s, and not to mention have an inbound marketing software for my team to communicate on. The terminology opened my mind and connected the dots to what my business could do on social media. These tools are most beneficial to me, I couldn’t imagine using a fork or knife to have soup, just like my specific niche needs these tools. Every business will have different goals, check out 9 social media success stories that used listening to their advantage – their way.


What Was That Part About Feedly?


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I usually find most of my news like most people do, on their phone. More specifically, my google pixel likes to show me the blog feed I get when I swipe to the left, to the left. Which originally showed me personal news like local press, hobbies, trending news, recipes or weather updates. I have tailored this directory with some business topics now, so I receive up to date news on my specific field. It’s important to pick topics on any site if it allows you too because your feed will most likely be influenced anyway by one advertisement or another. Blogs are everywhere and most of what I read, RSS feeds seem to help me with this obsession. RSS feed providing software, like Feedly and my other high volume notification news app Read(see the example image – I follow Forbes’ – Social Media), are news weapons. These apps are very easy to use, have self reminders (notifications), special filter settings and have up to date news.



So, now you know why you should Eat W/Spoons & Read Feedly if you are thriving to be the next top social media manager like I am. I will leave you with this, do not believe everything you read on the internet. Not all news is actually informational, a lot of blogs lead to untrusted links and PPC ads that make you nauseous. Whether you are learning or just roaming online, make sure what you reading is reliable. Check out these 20 alarming fake news statistics and numbers, which one surprises you most? Let me know in the comments below and thank you for taking the time to read my blog!





3 thoughts on “COM0015 – BLOG #1: Social Media Managers Eat W/Spoons & Read Feedly

  1. Enjoyed your blog! looking forward to checking out your favourite silverware. 🙂 Navigating the internet certainly does take some discernment, that is not a gift that everyone has!

  2. Have you ever heard someone say they look like a completely different person on social media than in person? Well that is so true in the world we live in today, people make their lives look so much better on social media then they actually live it. Make sure to be careful of what you listen to and see as things are not always as they appear. Just like in social media.

    • Thanks for commenting! Yes, my mom was very forward about strangers online, “cat-fishing”, etc. to make sure I would be aware. I feel it honestly helped me in my offline life too, with strangers or bullies. Thanks Momma 🐻 ! Have an awesome day Rayyan!

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