COM0014 – Blog #2: Storytelling & Communication Styles

When I think of storytelling, it instantly brings me back to my childhood days where I would sit in my room with my friends in a circle and share stories. We would laugh until our bellies hurt making up the most magical, unrealistic stories and sharing funny moments that happened to us at school or with our parents. It was an outlet for us and it still is for my adult self. Storytelling surrounds us everyday. When we have something exciting or life-altering that happens to us we tend to immediately share it with our family, friends or loved ones. In the grand scheme of things, life is made up of stories. Our stories are what help us to connect with others.

This week’s lesson was insightful, interesting and informative because of how much storytelling has evolved. . We can chose to story tell through a blog like right now, through an Instagram post, a tweet, a Facebook status, and many more. I’m curious to hear from my followers what storytelling means to them and how they like to share their stories. Is it through a text message? A phone call? In person? For me, it is definitely in person. Please feel free to comment below in the comment section and don’t be shy! 

Lesson 2 also gave me more knowledge and insight into the various communication styles. I realize that I need to sharpen up my active voice style, as I tend to be more on the passive side. I would love to know what type of voice you have? Are you more on the passive or active voice side? 

As my blog posts progress, I hope to be able to draw my readers in so that they are excited for the rest of my upcoming posts because that is what storytelling is all about. Captivating your audience and keeping them intrigued so that they want to hear or read more of what you are trying to say.

Thanks for tuning in again everyone! Until next time 🙂

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