COMM14 -Blog #7: Reflecting

Story telling is the premise of social media. You are telling a quick story in a tweet, you are showing a story in a YouTube video, it is story telling no matter where you go.

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Let’s take the YouTube video as an example. I am a beauty guru basically. I have fun with my videos though, I will say most are not tutorials but some are. A tutorial is showing how something is done. Yes, that is a story. Take a hairstyles video. I compile my new styles together. I begin by telling people what the end result is, I then start the look. I tell them the tools needed, and how to do it. And I give tips and tricks along the way as well to make it easier if you are doing it on yourself, and tips if you are the one doing it for others. I then end it with telling them the final steps and showing how it looks. That is a story.

My content in the past has just been ‘trendy’. I did not have much story to it. I just made something and put it up. I was not proud of my content for a while. I have now learned that my content needs to have a story. It needs to showcase something. Entertainment or educational. That’s how I see my own YouTube channel now, how I see my instagram stories, how I view my tweets. Everything is a story. Everything needs a why and a how.

The stories I want to tell are how I got to where I am. How I got to be who I am, and why I am the way I am. To explain things in a way to story telling way is very compelling to me. I love it, and I am hoping to have more stories to tell.

Thank you so much for reading, and leave a comment if you have a story to tell; what’s your story?

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