COMM0014- Blog Post #7- Time After Time


Today marks the final assignment I have to complete to earn my social media certificate from Algonquin College! It has been a long road and I am so proud of the hard work I put in to get here. I can say without a doubt this course has been one of my favourites to complete.
There is something about storytelling that is primal. Everything we do is rooted in storytelling. Teaching, conversing, watching, all comes back to the oral language. Learning how to better communicate through various mediums, was fascinating. The crucial takeaway for me, was the importance of psychographics.
As I am a newer creator, demographics has always been an area of peak interest. Focusing on psychographics takes it to the next level. My writing style and the way I creatively communicate has improved largely. My content was previously often directed to a close friend. After the completion of this course, I communicate with groups of people in mind. All of them are diverse and have variegated backgrounds.
By changing the way I communicate, my writing has expanded to creative bounds, I never could have imagined. Progressing forward, I want my content to reflect my new perspective on written literature. I now appreciate the ability and strength it takes to tell stories and communicate thoughts, more than ever. I am ever so grateful for the concepts I’ve learned and will continue to grow and let my writing progress also.


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