COMM0015- Blog Post #3- Digital Progression

Honesty is the best policy. Along those lines, I must admit I don’t have a solid social media strategy in place. What I do have is a positive mindset and desire to grow. As an upcoming creator, my goal is to publish quality pieces and get my name out.

When I was younger, my parents warned me about the safety of the internet. Speaking to strangers online was strongly prohibited, let alone sharing my own experiences. Although I grew up with limited knowledge, once I came of age I knew what I wanted. Watching various YouTubers and reading lifestyle blogs, I became obsessed. The medium of communication shouted at me, and I couldn’t deny it.

Finding your voice isn’t easy though. It took me about three tries before I landed on a blog I wanted to commit to. Using my personal account to share my content, eventually lead to a branded account. My family and circle of friends couldn’t be prouder and eager to share my content. They also have circles of friends who found my online persona and began to follow my digital journey. These new connections may lead my brand somewhere I had no idea about, when I began.

Although “Friends of Friends” is a great way to expand your network, real life is better. Having people meet the face behind the block of text is important to me! I share a lot of personal and funny content and the idea of them knowing who I am in ‘real life’ is just as important. As such, you must be who you are truthfully. As an upcoming creator, I’ve never been recognized. Despite the above,  I’d hope I would come across as humble, kind and my brand reflects such.

Networking as a concept is everywhere. It could be the aesthetician who did your nails, the new hire in your sisters office or the intern who’s uncle works in your field. It could be the event you attended on someone’s behalf, or someone you met through a friend. To assist my growing network, here are some strategies I’d like to try.

1. Social media clear out and Detox

– As I previously mentioned, I am still figuring out my brand. As such I want to ensure the content I publish properly represents me. This could be through past blog posts, or in my personal life. Facets such as inactive online friendships, irrelevant posts, and ____  don’t belong. This allows for people to see what I want them to, and my branding to become uncluttered.

2. Bumble Business

– This is something that I’ve always wanted to try. The app connects you professionally to events and people who share the same motivational goals. I have seen various videos, sponsored posts and articles published about the success of this app. I can positively say that I am very intrigued to learn more about this form of digital to real life networking process.

3. Facebook Groups/ Events

– On a similar note, Facebook suggests many free events you can attend. Although I often click “interested” I’d like to “attend” more so.  Pushing myself to go out, enjoy my time and mingle with various professionals will allow greater exposure for my brand. There are also millions of groups to join and communicate in! People from all over can help grow and expand your business circles! As the saying goes “Don’t knock it until you try it!”.

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