COM0015 – Blog Post #2 – Strong and Wak Organizations

Saje Wellness – Helping you feel better, naturally! I was drawn to Saje as I have always found that I can go to their social accounts to get information on a product that could help an issue I am having. I am not overly “granola” as some call it, but I do always try to use natural products when and where I can. Since this seems to be a new trend, I think that Sage has really pushed their online presence and have become extremely interactive on all their social accounts.

Screenshot via Saje Wellness Facebook

Screenshot via Saje Wellness Facebook

For example, they are consistently engaging with their customers on all platforms. When someone responds to a post about liking their product, they thank them. They are always engaging and offering more information about their current products of trying to help consumers find a product that is right for them. This is extremely convenient as it’s like having a personal shopping experience. They have made it so that you do not have to go to their store to ask questions about their products.

Once joining their mailing list, you receive emails about promos, in-store events and product launches. As an example, during Thanksgiving weekend they had free shipping available on all order. They also make sure to post this on their social media pages.

Screenshot of Saje Wellness twitter conversation

Screenshot via Twitter

Their blog offers different types of tips that can relate to different types of people. For example, some of their current headlines are – What to expect when expecting, the dirty of cleaning products, and Let’s talk about air quality. Each one of these concerns can hit multiple people which allows their products to access a larger group. Saje has done a great job in covering multiple areas of social media and are always active in communicating with their customers.

A brand that is lacking in social media strategy in my opinion is Snapchat. I personally do not like the app and find it difficult and pointless to use but I might not be the only one. In 2018 Kylee Jenner tweeted “Does anyone open snapchat anymore?” which reportedly cost the company $1.8 million dollars with a bunch of celebrities dropping off the platform shortly after.

An even bigger fail was when they tried to implement a “Would you rather” game and used Chris Brown’s domestic violence against Rihanna as an example – FACE PALM! This brand needs to stop talking about ways their app is great and start showing people. Advertising on other social media platforms even.

Screenshot via Google

Screenshot via Google

Since Instagram stories seem to be one of the biggest things now a partnership between the two might be a good idea to get snapchat back in the daily usage of millennials. Incorporating new and exciting filters and should I even say having the option to save the videos? This brand really needs to develop and evolve with social media instead of staying stuck in the rut. Will they end up being the new Vine?

3 thoughts on “COM0015 – Blog Post #2 – Strong and Wak Organizations

  1. I could not agree with you more with regards to Snapchat. It is quite ironic that a social media company is one that is lacking in a strategy and is not well received by a large number of social media users. It definitely has acted tone deaf before and its safe to say with the current situation surrounding the gender face swap they are still being tone deaf.
    When an organization cannot have the foresight to think about their customers and how their customers will interact with the organizations social media channels, especially when it is a social media organization itself, that is really bad.
    That being said, companies like Saje are making up for that. They really work to listen to their customers and engage those customers. There is nothing worse than making a comment on a social media page and not getting any response from the organization. Saje understands that, and the organizations with the best social media strategies know that.
    Great post and thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi There,

    Similar to Brittany, I don’t 100% agree that Snapchat is lacking a major social media strategy. As a frequent user of the app, I am constantly boggled with advertisements and sponsored filters. Although the app may not have a defined ‘additional social presence’ the app is still highly popular amongst teens. I do agree using controversial content to attract a new audience was a misstep, but there is no denying Snapchat’s power. With the ability to create your own filter for special occasions, new filters and ‘branded and personal snapchat stories’ I don’t think it will turn the way of Vine. I do agree that they need to be smarter with their advertising and use the resources they have! Overall love the post!

  3. Hello,

    I think it’s great that Sage Wellness is engaging with their customers and showing them that their comments are valued/appreciated. That is how to keep your customers coming back!

    I do agree that Snapchat missed the mark with that “Would You Rather Poll?”. That was ignorant on their part. Because they are a social media platform, I agree with Knap, they don’t have a strategy beyond the app. As a Snapchat user myself, I notice that they change their filters almost every day. They have filters for special occasions (Canada Day, Christmas, TGIF) and some are sponsors (popular movie coming out or even beverages). Users do the ability to save their own images and videos. This can be done manually or you can choose to have them save automatically when added to your “memories”. I think it’s safe to say that Snapchat invented the wheel that Instagram and Facebook now use for their “stories”. As Knap mentioned above, I am still surprised by the number of advertisements I see on Snapchat. They seem to come up every third or fourth snap. They may have taken a few missteps but I don’t believe they are going to become obsolete anytime soon.

    Great post and I look forward to looking further into Sage Wellness! 🙂

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