COMM0015-Blog Post #2- Strong and Weak Organizations


From a young age I have been heavily influenced by arts and culture. As such, I was enrolled in various arts extracurriculars. The only one that was tide and true was dance. Once I became old enough I began to follow many dancers on social media. During a recent clear out I realized I had many unfamiliar users on my list, and began an unfollow spree. This was simply due to poor social media strategies.

Minimal Social Media Strategy

One of my favourite things to do online is discover new talent. Finding a hidden gem in a saturated business always makes me feel a little special inside. When I found @SimDancer I hoped to watch her flourish online. Unfortunately there was little in terms of content and behind the scenes posts. A few steps the artist could use to update her social media strategy would be posting clips of a new routine/dance related image monthly. This would ensure at minimum 12 new posts each year. Another way she could better her social media strategy would be to post exclusive snippets of upcoming projects. This would allow followers to understand sporadic posting, as new content is coming. Doing these few easy steps would encourage fans to engage more on their posts and increase interaction. Posting live stories would also give fans updates on disclosed projects and brand deals.

photo-1554177255-61502b352de3Impressive social media strategy

On the opposite side, a woman who has an impressive social media strategy is Autumn Miller. The 17 year old is a part of the dance studio KMBTalent, and is commonly featured on their instagram. Not only does she have impressive talent and modelling career, but she lets her personality shine through. Miller frequently posts dance clips on her instagram, mixed with personal images. This allows fans to not only follow her dance style but her personal life as well. Miller also effectively uses Instagram Stories to promote her Youtube Channel, Modelling career and Travel ventures. Something unique about Miller’s video’s is the tone. Many dancers on the rise strictly post professionally filmed videos, but Miller opposes that by letting her iPhone videos showcase her talent. This shows her youthful vibe and relatability to young aspiring dancers.

On the same note, another dancer with a solid social media strategy is Victoria Baldessara. The Canadian dancer got her big break acting on a Toronto based show ‘The Next Step’. From there, the dancer was able to tour with the show and continue to launch her career. Baldessara now has her own headlining tour and often posts fashion related content. She commonly promotes upcoming projects through Instagram stories and is always eager to interact with her followers. I even found an online boutique through her sponsored content and used her promotion code to get a discounted rate! Baldessara has a great understanding of how to space her paid content in with her personal photos. I also enjoy how she interacts with all her followers positively, instead of blocking or muting comments. Whereas many persona’s may mute comments to ignore negative comments or spam.

I can personally attest to the difficulty of upholding a solid social media strategy. So kudos to those who can uphold theirs, on top of a primary job!

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