Assignment 1 Blog Post #5 Personal Brand; I’m no angel I’m no fool I’m not bragging I’m just cool (Apologies to the Romantics “I’m Hip”).

Any Thing You Can DO, I Can Do Better (Irving Berlin)

a bronze statute of Zeus, naked, in a Greek museum. Arms spread as though to throw spear
Zeus about to throw spear or lightening (bronze statue)

Any attempt to be gracious in such a blog tends to go straight through the cracks in the floorboards, and tempts the Greek fates to spin a destiny not inspired at birth. However, dispensing observation may eventually approach humility. As a figure casting thunder bolts of riddled lightning, and posing greatness from above, colleagues and friends have given this platform, well, and social media, to trumpet aloud, short of bragging.

Spicy Words

I give you WORDS. Such spicy creatures that allows one to spin tales, conversations, articles and speeches. It is I, whom many have sought to write speeches, teach public speaking, write glorious articles, detail formative arguments, find facts, research, smooth communication skills and, yet, still more. I always take risk in such matters. Discovering new and effective words, and having them applied correctly, where possible, and often tuned abruptly toward a correct audience. Am I a logo maniac? Perhaps. I am always learning.

woman in bath tub with bubble bath. Gives sense of absorbing. Arms above head in tub. Hair colour brunette.
Woman In Bubble Bath Absorbing Environment

Absorb Learning

Several people have asked me to write their correspondence, tune up resumes, send legal documents, and teach them how to communicate effectively. As they learn, I learn. As I may stumble, I learn. As I research everything, I absorb, and categorize and use the wisdom of others, without taking credit. Bless anti-plagiarism. Facts and sources of facts are important (Quicksprout, 2019). It is far easier to attribute research and words to others, than be seen as a source of all knowledge, which is unlikely. I help others promote engagement naturally (Maiy,2018).

“Taking into account a person’s values, beliefs, and needs, a personal brand typically includes a mission and vision statement, a brand statement, and tagline, clearly distinguishing one’s brand from one’s identity (Beata and Leverenz, 2018)”.

marble type tiles laid on floor over brick type floor, all white. Black printing on marble tiles states, "Facts Not Opinions".
“Only the Facts Ma’am(sic)”


I come to believe that fact based opinion is far more effective than untruthful judgement. As a personal brand it may instill integrity. This may go to an adage of it’s best to lose the discussion than to lie and ruin one’s reputation. Facts give one reliability. Good research produces good documentation that is reliable. Reliability give one credibility and a good reputation. A good reputation lends itself to a good personal brand (Lake, 2019).

Teaching adult education in a classroom furthers the aspects of attaining knowledge simultaneously with instruction in knowing that collective knowledge in a given classroom will always exceed the instructor, for the most part. Though this may serve as an unwitting proverb, it assists one to keep a humbler perspective and properly attend learners than merely appear didactic (another good word).

Rennasissance depiction of ancient people mixing under arch construction. Wear robes, bearded men, children, women. People milling about and talking.
The Rensaissance

Attracting People

Mine is a Renaissance resume. A tad sporadic but it always returns home. Instruction, writing, research, risk, and trial and error, are the tools that have lead to legal work, teaching, speech writing, communication skills, and debate that have attracted people and customers to my lair. When I find people using my ideas and my particular phrases and words, I know I’ve done my job.


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Facts not Opininons

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