Taking the Perfect Picture for your Social Media Campaign

Every business should be active on social media to stay relevant in today’s digital world.  But does every business realize the importance of posting a good picture? Only a few pictures inspire you enough to stop and notice rather than scroll on or leave entirely. That’s because many businesses take random pictures and post them to their profiles last minute without putting much thought or effort into it.  If you are one these people you are doing a huge disservice to your business, everything you post must have a purpose and be top quality.

1. The rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is a basic photography skill you should be using. It will create balanced, visually appealing images. Here’s how to do it:

  • Turn on the gridlines option in your smartphone camera settings, two vertical and two horizontal lines spaced apart equally should appear.
  • Position your subject and anything important in your photo where those lines intersect, do not centre your subject, it CAN create an unappealing photo.
Image result for rule of thirds

2. Look for symmetry

Pictures that contain symmetry can be incredibly pleasing to the eye — if you have the opportunity to capture symmetry in a picture you should go for it. In photography, symmetry usually means creating an image that can be divided into two equal parts that are mirror images of each other.

3. Reflections are your friend

Using water, windows, mirrors or any sort of reflective surface can change the perspective of an image. It’s a good way to show off your photography skills and make an image more interesting. For example, let’s say you want to promote your restaurant that sits in the heart of the downtown core wouldn’t it be a great idea to take a cool shot of the front your building reflecting in its windows the hustle and bustle of the busy downtown nightlife?

Related image

Take Candids

People are great subjects for your social media campaigns. Photos with faces get 38% more likes and 32% more comments than photos without them. Candid photos are better able to effectively capture the emotion and essence of a moment and make your brand more relatable. Also, show the people behind the brand, take candids of your staff.

Related image

In conclusion, next time you post a picture ask yourself two questions, does it have a purpose and does it has quality. The key to a successful social media campaign is your picture quality. You don’t need fancy equipment to achieve an amazing photo just a little bit of know-how and inspiration. Side note- your photos should stay with a certain style, so your campaign has a more uniform feel, whether it is a dark and brooding look and feel or a crisp and clean look and feel they should all have the same feel, but that’s a whole separate topic.

What kind of photos does your brand share? What types of photos make you stop and take a second look when scrolling?


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Good photos get you more likes Read about here: https://bit.ly/2XWcjjH

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4 thoughts on “Taking the Perfect Picture for your Social Media Campaign

  1. As a photographer myself, I couldn’t agree more with your key points in this blog. Your images are your first impression. If the time isn’t spent making sure they are quality, you have already slammed your foot in the door!
    Great blog post

  2. Thanks for sharing your blog. I agree with you, a picture is so important in strengthening your message. I work in communications for a health organization. It is so challenging sometimes to find the “right” photo. We have to make sure the photo is meeting all of our health messages. Often we have to photo shop the picture or use an illustration to add to the image. Great blog!

  3. Great blog! A picture represents so much that it is worth the time and effort to ensure that its quality is at its best. As you mentioned, the pictures must also have a purpose and must represent your brand. Great choice of pictures in your blog!

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