Finding “THE ONE” on dating apps

Has on-line dating apps destroyed traditional dating?

My answer is YES; I have read many articles that say the same thing. Dating apps have given people way too many options. With pictures and profiles at your fingertips, ready for your viewing, the choices are endless. But do you really have all those options?? I disagree. I have a friend who is 36 years old and still searching for “the one” she has tried all the dating apps and still has not been successful in finding a suitor to match her criteria of what a husband should be in her eyes, and that’s the problem. My friend is very artsy, likes the outdoors, going to museums and art shows and guess what she’s looking for? Someone who likes the same things, but why? Do you want to date yourself? If she sees a profile picture of someone wearing a jersey or being at a game, she automatically discredits them since she hates sports. My husband likes sports; he owns jerseys, he watching games but guess what, I don’t have to watch them with him. That’s his thing and that okay.

Snap Judgement

With online dating apps, I think that people are searching for the “perfect” mate when that person doesn’t exist. I’m not saying to settle but to give someone who may have different interests than you a chance. Maybe you can learn something new, or teach someone something new. With dating apps, you judge a person from reading their profile without really knowing them, and that’s what you’re missing from traditional dating, getting to know someone over some time rather than 2 minutes of reading their profile.

But, again maybe that’s the problem, there are too many options. Maybe in my friends head, she thinks “the one” to match all her criteria is out there. Instead of relying on dating apps, get out there and meet people and get to know them instead of reading their dating “resume” and and making a snap judgement.

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