How to Strengthen your Instagram Presence for Small Businesses

Today, it is expected for most businesses to have a presence on social media. Social media gives us the opportunity to show a more complete picture of your business. You can highlight your staff, your work, your customers, your product lines, and give your customers a more complete picture of what your business is really about.

The social platform that you will want to focus on most will depend on your business and where you are most likely to find most of your current and potential clients are already engaging. Currently, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram are the most used social media platforms in terms of numbers of account users.

Our small business is in the automotive field and because one of our primary target audiences in the 16-29 year old demographic, its important for us to have a strong Instagram because that is the social media that most of our clients are primarily using daily. As seen in the infographic below, 59% of those 18-29 have an Instagram account that they use daily.

Have a Compelling Profile

Your Instagram profile gives you 150 charachters to summarize your business. Use bullet points to cover more information here. Emojis can also be helpful for a visual representation in conveying messages in your profile. Consider your first 3-9 photos and your Highlighted Stories to be a part of your profile. Choose wisely what you wish to highlight in these important areas.

Use Geotagging to grow your Local presence

Tagging your location or your city with locally used hashtags will give you more visibility among people looking for local connections. You can make a list of location specific hashtags and store them as a note that you can then add to your business posts. Encourage your clients to “check in” at your business on social media. Using geotags will increase your local discoverability.

Increase to Daily Consistent Posting

Most Social Media algorithms, and particularly those for Instagram prefer a regular consistent posting pattern. The chart above shows the rapid increase in followers when posting daily. Interacting daily with your followers creates a sense of relationship and community for your online presence. As the Quote below shows, most people who use Instagram, engage daily.

Over 60 percent of users log in to Instagram daily , making it the second most engaged social network after Facebook(Source:

Are you a daily consumer of Instagram? Do you have a personal Instagram? Do you manage a business or organizational Instagram? What strategies have you used to grow followers and increase engagement for your Instagram?

Read more about Growing your Instagram following here –>

Read more about Growing your Instagram following here –>

2 thoughts on “How to Strengthen your Instagram Presence for Small Businesses

  1. Hi Sherri,
    This blog represents what is really going on in the world of social media marketing and advertising. The difference between 1-6 posts/week and 7+ posts/week is quite impressive. I have not used Instagram as yet but I will definitely in the near future! Thank you for highlighting those important facts related to Instagram.

  2. Sherri, utilizing the social media platform best known to reach your ideal demographic is so important. Great suggestions and research to determine Instagram for your business. Appreciate the share and insight, thanks!

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