COM0014 – Blog #3: Audiences

As a YouTuber, a beauty guru of all I have always thought I have known my audience. But boy was I wrong, but also right in some aspects…let’s just say things change over time.

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As I read the lesson for week 3, I did the exercise to know my audience.

  1. What gender? For me, any gender nowadays, ask 16 year old me, I would say females only. Now as an open minded person I will say all genders are welcome to my YouTube channel. Whether you are female, male, transgender, any gender is welcome to my little part of the internet!
  2. What is the education level of your audience? Now, I would say college/university level; people around my age 20s-30s. Before, again around my age but you can see it was a bit more childish content and the way it was made was to appeal to young girls.
  3. What is the martial status and family type of your target audience? I mean single and married people can enjoy my content! As for who do I curate for? Most likely single people then, especially the stuff I have in the works currently.
  4. What are the ethnic and/or religious backgrounds of the people using your products and services? I will say again, anyone can enjoy my content. I do celebrate the traditional holidays as my dad and his family was catholic. My parents never claimed a religion for our family to uphold to. We just did what my dad’s parents did.

So, all in conclusion it just depends where you are to know your audience. Mine has changed, and yours may change over time as well. Everyone grows as a person, so taste and how we perceive things changes over time. It makes us all a better person!

Have you changed your audience and who they are, since you started making content or after making your business? Let me know below in the comments!

2 thoughts on “COM0014 – Blog #3: Audiences

  1. Hi There,

    I love watching Beauty Tutorials and video’s so I love that you’re opinions about your primary market have changed overtime! As I say, there is always room for growth, in whatever you’re doing! I also enjoyed how you kept your blog post short, sweet and to the point! Sometimes I get lost in my writing but found your post very easy to read!

    • Thank you! I usually write very descriptively, but for times like these to the point is all you need! As I said in the post, we all change as people over time so our audience may change over time as well.

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