Engagement Building Strategies for Facebook Business Pages


With more than 2.2 Billion Facebook users worldwide today, most businesses can connect with a large portion of their customers through their Facebook business page. Some businesses simply use their page to broadcast sales information, some interact with their customers through tools such as Messenger, but the sweet spot for small businesses comes from  intentional focus on meaningful engagement with their customer base and community.


Choosing to Build Engagement for your business through Social Media gives you an opportunity to transform your business from a faceless entity into a trusted brand, the value of which spreads far beyond your online presence.  Through a Facebook business page, you are able to share the personality of your business, behind the scenes information, and more education and stories which will build trust and community with your customers.

Tell Your Stories 

Through your Facebook business page, you have the place to share more about who you are and what you do as a business.   People love to see and read about people just like them.    It gives great confidence to your organization to highlight real customers and real stories that your clients can relate to.   Sharing customer generated content gives an additional layer of credibility to your business.

The new Facebook tool of Stories which are usually pictures or visual content which expires in 24 hours is giving a new tool to engage your base in “top of the mind” awareness by sharing time sensitive and user generated content.

Focus on Giving Value through Quality Content

Giving away value without expecting anything in return is part of how we build trusting and lasting relationships with our customers.   Give your customers what they want: Answers to their questions, product education, behind the scenes stories, and genuine and authentic photos  and video.     Use your social media space as a place to provide interesting information and education that your community is interested in.   Business Pages really allow us to customize our communication for the interest that are relevant for our customers.    Some social media experts advise businesses to make fewer, but more consistent high quality posts to build engagement.

Produce Authentic Video Posts

Facebook has picked up on our insatiable appetite to consume online video content.  Their current algorithm favors video posts and Facebook Live videos.    The default video settings are to play the video with muted sound.  It is recommended to put compelling content in the first 30 seconds of your video and to use captions to highlight message to prompt to turn on sound.    With the current trend toward consumer driven demand for authenticity, your Facebook audience prefers organic natural videos to the overly produced slick advertisements on traditional media outlets.   Make short direct video clips that answer the questions that your target market is already thinking of.

Interacting with your clients through a Facebook business page allows you to interact with your clients as they are personal friends.     Address your private message responses using their first name.  Social Media gives us powerful electronic tools to connect with your business community in a whole new way.

Have you been using any of the above strategies to increase your page likes or build engagement?  What do you find works best for you?   What other strategies are you currently using?   Please share your experiences in the comments.

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One thought on “Engagement Building Strategies for Facebook Business Pages

  1. Very informative blog! I was not aware that Facebook had a new tool called Stories. I can see that in some instances this tool would be very beneficial. I would probably benefit more from giving value through quality content on a business page than using a tool like Stories. Referencing services instead of products is hard to illustrate and even harder to write stories about on a Facebook page! Thank you for sharing!

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