Assignment 1; Blog# 2 The End Is Near, Right Now, Actually.

Batman, superhero, a top a yellow painted rail in a crouch

The end is here, right now, actually if one is to follow the panacea for digital story telling, or NOT! This lesson has served such purpose as to grasp readers with a solid lead, bent toward the end of the story and never losing the lead. It makes one feel that both Clark Kent and Lois Lane were devoted to the Daily Planet as journalists before all this crime fighting and slug matched occurred. In fact, Mr. Kent often created his own news which remains all things are possible for social media enthusiast and bloggers. One may deduce, there is a little Superman in all of us. Superman always won.

Green lake and forest on grey land as an ariel photograph
Is this the Birthplace of Kryptonite?

Kryptonite was the evil mineral that could destroy Superman, much like poor grammar, writing style, and story planning. Effective? Poignant? Direct? Don’t let the above criminal misspellings, plurals and awkward flow become the entity that drives fellow bloggers or followers from your story, nor compel other to leave early. That is merely rude. Engage them and cage them into a mania of interest that will conclude in a devoted and interested follower. Certainly, let them know when your next story appears as Batman, would chime, at the same BAT time and the same BAT channel. Certainly leave clues when your serial stories will rise again to thwart boredom and displeasure.  Another words, be punctual on both fronts of timeliness and grammar. Popeye’s spinach!

There should never be a fear to endeavour to find historical matters on issues to be concise in a given story, or the genesis of the subject at hand. Superman eventually found that crystal in his cave in the Arctic, giving not only Canadian content to the story but a perspective and deepening of his personal tale and the audience’s serial attention. If one is to grasp the such attention to keep and encourage readers, knowledge of the age range of the audience remains paramount.

Afro-American man chiseling a computer tablet with a chisel and hammer.
Todays version of carving on a tablet.

I had researched a picture in (2019) for a tablet of commandments as Moses had received from God in the Old Testament and found only a plethora of computer tablets and a series of pharmaceutical capsules of a variety of hues and colours. Hence, research beyond the pale is often necessary to keep our readers happy for both consistence and depth. As with Superman, it gives perspective and interesting content to encourage your blog lovers.

As we continue on this saga, Brogan (2009) encourages a type of teaser to encourage people to make a second visit. The savvy Kryptonite in this blog, serves as only one of the criminal vices used to decimate our super hero. Are there more direct and useful tools to retain readers and strengthen the march of devotees to your site? Perhaps, next Monday may reveal some tantalizing idioms, and morsels of brain food to corral the champions of blogging. Let’s converse.

“People don’t read on the Internet; they scan, even more so than with newspapers. Make sure the most important information comes first, so it benefits both scanners (most people) and those who decide to read in more detail” (Article Alley, 2009).

A man in a Superman sleeveless T-shirt pulling heavy weights showing bulging muscle.
Superman working out.

Batman had foiled scanners…or was that scammers? Batman had also discouraged children from playing in traffic. Nonetheless, we will! Internet traffic, that is. We will dangerously weave in the oncoming mayhem and those who wish to know. Carefully laying the bait toward the website can be caused by the most quizzical posts and a well articulated blog for deeper thinkers. Clark (2008) states, “it’s your job to close the expertise gap by reading well”. Certainly as the destination to the devotion of our blog readers is of a specific purpose, honing expertise in the field can develop a dedication to your blog, be it for a product, idea or perspective.

Our readers here desire the machinations and ends to be near for their respective consumption to embolden their communication to attract a steadfast following as is gently revealed in this blog. I continually encourage following the appropriate storytelling to engulf your reading kin and follow the dispersed expertise along this path. Excelsior! (Latin).


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