COMM0014- Blog Post #2 – What I learned


The inverted pyramid style of writing was new to me! As a video blogger (youtuber) I lately learned of speaking clearly and concise but writing is still new to me. Nevertheless though I learned about it and it has made a huge impact. I’m always up for learning new things everyday no matter what the day is.

Inverted pyramid writing is really interesting to me. Once it got introduced to me, I realized that many articles and stories I have previously read have used it. Even though I would say I don’t skim articles, I am either not interested or I am and read it all. I never roughly go through a piece of written material.

I have always thought of what I want people to take from my videos. Whether it be just a form of entertainment, so just sharing the video, or it be informative and want them to incorporate their own information/comment below the post to bring more attention to the topic. A question is my usual way to end a post or video, it lets them know I want their help or opinion on something.

Grammar and punctuation is my own favourite thing to do, it is so interesting to me to see how we can say things but they can be retorted in many ways! Active vs passive writing/talking is how I like to view things as well. I like seeing it in both ways first, before I then decide how I want to go about it. Active is the most popular and loved but I believe there is a time and place for both.

All in all, the inverted pyramid was new to me, and I really enjoy it now and see it everywhere currently! The outcome of every post is important, what you want to come from it is crucial. As always as well the way we write (grammar and punctuation) is a way of writing and in general important to make sense.

Let me know what you took away from the past week’s lesson! And if you don’t have access to it (to other students or someone else reading the Algonquin college social media wordpress) let me know what your opinions are on the matter down below.

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