COM0014 – Blog 1:What is a Quality Trip for Me?

I have traveled around the world for business and pleasure whether to Far East like Thailand and Malaysia, New Zealand in the Pacific, or to European countries such as United Kingdom, France, and Spain. I can speak for hours about these destinations and things to experience. But my latest vacation was completely different. I call it a quality time vacation. I had a week of overtime hours where I have decided to pack my bags and travel to visit my parents. It is a great time to escape the daily hustles and leave everything behind. I needed such a trip desperately to recharge.

The Timing was excellent because it was off season, and the airfare ticket was relatively low, and there is no need for accommodation because I will be staying with my parents, and we are going to have home cooked meals most of the time. A perfect budgeted trip!

It was the quality trip that I was longing for catching up with family and friends. I had a chance to go to a couple of restaurant, and I did not do any sight-seeing because I am a constant visitors to this destination, and the restaurants are relatively cheap.

There are two issues that constantly bother me during traveling: Traveling light and sticking to a budget. Why I cannot travel with 3 pair of shoes instead of 10, and why I end up spending more even though I have planned my budget. I have given up on myself with this latter matter 🙂

When I was coming back to the country I am currently residing. I had two overweight bags and the airport counter requested me to pay extra weight. Luckily, I have found close friends and they took some weights off as they are traveling back empty handed. I really thanked my luck star.

I decided when I return back home, I need to look into these matters seriously, and learn on how to pack light for short and long trips, and I found these videos appealing:

Kara Sanchez provides an interesting way on how to pack for 10 days in a carry on with three pairs of shoes
Stephanie offers tips on how to pack in a backpack from a “LONG” trip. Again with three pairs of shoes.

Even though that this trip was off season, used my travel miles, accommodation was provided, no visa required, home food, and used the country’s SIM card, I still cannot manage my budget well. There is always something that comes up unexpectedly “SHOPPING”. But I found in this article from HostelWorld some tips that are feasible and worth exploring such as ISIC ( International Student Identity Card where it is Valid in 133 countries and you can get 10,000 discounts, and eating out in more expensive restaurants during lunch time and not dinner, and travelling on Tuesday because it is “cheapest priced day at the week to travel.”(HostelWorld)

Watch Sorelle Amore tips on how to travel cheap

Having these quality trips are quiet important for me to recharge and check on the loved ones. Sometimes when you travel to exotic and adventurous destinations you come back exhausted, and I spend a week trying to find my time zone due to jet lag… and I complain that I need a vacation after this vacation.

How about you? what is your quality trip? and how do you manage budget? Love to hear from you !


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