COMM 0015 -Blog Post #1 – Tools & Sources

When it comes to social media listening and monitoring tools there are many options. Throughout other courses in this program many were discussed in great detail and I had the ability to try different ones out. I probably don’t use the traditional avenues to gather my information and some might say I do not use all the tools available to me.

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A few that I like are:

Hootsuite – I really like how I can track what is happening in multiple places at the same time. The amount of time you can spend tracking what is trending alone is insane so it’s great that there is a platform that can take all of the information I am looking for from multiple platforms and put it all in one nice package for me. While I haven’t used this feature, I also think that’s it’s helpful that you can schedule posts across multiple platforms. Again, I have not yet used this feature, but it does seem to me it would be helpful and save a lot of time.

Microblogs – There is a ton of information out there and only so many hours in a day. I find it you are monitoring multiple items at once it can be very difficult to keep track of everything if you have too much content to read. This is why I love microblogs or the idea at least. I look at it almost like the cliff notes of daily information. If I need more information, I can go ahead a look into it but if I just need the topline information, I have that available to me.

One tool that I know many are a fan of, but I do not like is Google Alerts. I think in a perfect word with very specific tags this platform could be wonderful to use. However, when you are using tags like sports apparel, or concerts the amount of results in endless. Waking up to 200 google alert emails is not my idea of a great start to the day. Again, I totally understand those are very broad and can be narrowed down but I am just not a big fan. Judging by this article I may not be the only one – Why I hate Google Docs 

I also found a great article that discusses other platforms that are up and coming similar to google alerts with some tweaks –   Best Google Alerts Alternatives

The two ways I find myself gathering news and updates of things that interest me are Instagram and Twitter. There might be a few blogs here and there, but I am usually turned onto them by a tweet that shares a link. I find that these two platforms cover a variety of items in little captions which gives me the ability to filter through mass amounts of information in a short amount of time – right up my alley! They also show me what is trending in the world so that I am able to stay in touch but also keep me posted on what is happening in my local community.

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The biggest thing for me is getting the information I need and want without spending hours going through posts about nothing. As social media evolves everyone thinks that their life is the most interesting and you’d just die if you didn’t know what they had for lunch that day. I feel that’s part of the reason Facebook has lost some traction. For my professional development it’s important for me to see what’s trending. Working in entertainment you want to be with what’s cool before anyone even knew it was cool. Trends are coming and going at such a fast rate I need to be able to process information as quickly as possible and that is why these tools work best for me.

So, I am dying to know, am I missing a key platform to help achieve my goal? Please let me know!

2 thoughts on “COMM 0015 -Blog Post #1 – Tools & Sources

  1. Hey there!

    Thank you for the very informative blog post! I think its great that you outlined so many different listening and monitoring tools. I have heard of Hootsuite and really should look into as I currently manage several different social media accounts for our roller derby league. I’ve just been scheduling the post as I go. It would save me so much time if I had everything in one place! (makes me wonder, why didn’t I think of it earlier!?)

    I think it’s interesting that you use Instagram as a tool of gathering news and updates. I use the app everyday and never thought of it from that perspective. I may not follow the correct people but I know a lot of major outlets have accounts.

    Once again, great post and I look forward to seeing more! 🙂


  2. Hi There,

    I enjoyed your post as it was very informative! You outlined some tools that I am unfamiliar with, so it was interesting to read about how you gather stats! I have heard of Google Alerts, but am not a frequent user of the application. As I don’t have a job that requires serious statistical management I currently use the tools installed on my blog host (Squarespace).

    I know a few people who use the Instagram business applications and say it works wonderfully. Great post and am looking forward to more!

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