COM0014 – Blog #7: Personal Reflection

One of the biggest lessons that emerged for me during this course was to approach content from personal experience. Looking deep inside myself to discover connections between my thoughts and the course content pushed me to think differently. I have always been a little afraid to post online. Now, I feel more confident that social media is an appropriate place to share my “real” stories to engage with others. I know it takes courage to open up to the world and share the positive and negative aspects of our lives.

Exploring how to write content with the needs of a specific audience in mind was also a key learning. After researching and analyzing different audiences, I was able to envision the people I was “talking” to with a goal of creating an authentic, two-way dialogue. While writing, I questioned “what’s in it for them?” I wanted to speak to them directly about the things they cared about, in a way that appealed to them to create a trusting and worthwhile relationship.

It was interesting to find ways to involve the audience in our posts. I am familiar with the “call to action” of traditional marketing, but social media is so much more interactive and engaging. We can ask questions and gain further insight, enriching our words and creating more of an experience with the content than just shouting it out to the masses.

With a solid plan, you can tie stories to your business goals. Creating a strategy can give structure to your thoughts while creating a strong platform for evaluating your success.

The more I wrote during the course, the more I could start to hear my “voice”. This process has pushed me out of my comfort zone. I am now at the point where I am starting to enjoy the struggle. I would like to continue to explore my personal experience and share my knowledge with others through social media. I know I can offer an honest view with stories that connect with others on an emotional level. I still need to create a plan to move forward, but I now have the tools I need to effectively reach an online audience. I’ll start by listening.

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