COM0014 – Blog #6: Taco Wish VS. Secret Wish

What is your secret wish for your business?
I going to talk to you about my taco stand business and, let me start by telling you my not so secret wishes. That being credibility, financial gain, and success based off of true authenticity. I will set up my stand at events and popular gathering spots around my hometown of Barrie. Then, I will invest in a physical location that will expand into Toronto. My food will be kept fresh, and I will have a social media presence that my competitors will drool over. I want my taco stand to donate to feed the homeless, help out at a charity or run for a cause. My business wouldn’t only be making great food, it would be a member of the community set apart from its competitors. It will make a true difference in the world and take a place of passion in my heart.
Photo by Chitokan from Pexels

Photo by Chitokan from Pexels

My secret wish for the company? To sell it off when appropriate, deviate, and move onto my next secret idea. (Sorry but if I told you what that idea was, I would have to assassinate you.) It’s all about the next goal, think bigger and this obstacle will just seem like another, tiny baby step.
Answering the following question from the article: Do People Know Your Story? By John Jantsch.

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