COM0015 – Blog #2

Weak Social Media Strategy

Coleman & Associate’s is a company that works in the medical industry and could have so much information they could be telling the world. But their Facebook page has 55 followers and they may have max 7 posts that are from years ago. If I were them I would be putting out content that people can learn helpful information, and then use their business, because they trust that they know what they are doing. It really saddens me to see companies with so much potential to grow, not taking the advantage that social media provides.

Strong Social Media Strategy

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is doing what in my mind is the right way to grow your business through social media.  They have around 45,000 followers and are posting lots of content. They post videos of what the process is behind making their products, and they post events, and different sales they have. Having a good showcase of what your business is up to, and every step of your process. It gives people a sense that they know exactly where the dessert they are putting in their mouth came from. I think it is almost a perfect strategy, but they have low engagement with their posts. I think they could at least up their growth by 1.2x if they focused on getting more engagement with each post. Other than that they have a strong strategy.

One thought on “COM0015 – Blog #2

  1. Thanks for your post Scotty. I agree that an organisation should have a social media marketing plan that includes regular updates. The medical industry is constantly growing and changing with new researches and trials that could be commented on. There is also the opportunity to directly engage with some of their Facebook followers.The followers friends would see those comments and potentially go to Coleman & Associate’s Facebook page but the first step is obviously to create a plan for regular updates on their page first.

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