COM0014 – Blog #5: The magic behind the curtain


What sets me apart?

I care deeply about the work that I do. I am personally invested in every project I touch. My passion for deeper understanding produces work that is relevant and meaningful to clients and their audiences. I engage clients’ in a thought-provoking journey searching for answers along the way. Every decision I make has purpose. I use focused conversations and deep listening to get to know clients and determine how to help them achieve their goals. I openly offer insight into who I am and how I process information so we can learn how to work together effectively.

What is it like working with me?

I often ask trusted colleagues about their experience working with me to gain perspective. Most people find my ability to connect seemingly unrelated ideas valuable. I can envision projects from start to finish, helping to manage time and resources effectively. I think in structured ways to help give the intangible a framework that makes sense. I can articulate and visualize my thinking in a persuasive way to sell my ideas. I like to communicate and will ensure I take the time to understand your communication preferences and adapt my style accordingly. My willingness to help others does not go unnoticed.

How can I help you?

My passion for “connecting the dots” will bring great depth and meaning to any problem we solve together. My insatiable need for knowledge will drive me to understand your project goals, analyze the details and create a plan that is both thoughtful and engaging. I will give your project the the time and dedication it needs to succeed. While playing a backstage role, I will help develop and support your content to take centre stage and receive the standing ovation it deserves.

I truly believe building relationships and connecting with clients is a crucial element in the success of a project. How do you feel?  

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