There’s an App for that!

I don’t how many times at work lately I’ve said there’s an app for that to the surprise of my less techy coworkers. I like to try to find the easiest way to do things. I just started this new job in September after finishing my degree and was brought into the world of HR programs, having to put in benefits claims, and all kinds of other programs we must use to manage our careers. Initially I didn’t know how people did it all without their own secretaries! Please tell me I’m not the only one who can never remember their passwords? Do you get locked out of your accounts too? Well, I have good news folks: there’s an app for that.

When apps first came out, I had no idea what was going on. I didn’t understand that they are basically software programs with a new fancy alias. They began as programs that you add to your phone and branched out to tablets and laptops. According to Mehul Rajput in his article “Tracing the History and Evolution of Mobile Apps”, an app is basically “a computer generated program designed and developed to run on an iPhone”. He also says, “apps are easy to access and simply make your life better as a result.” Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?

I’ll admit, it took me some time, over the years, to figure out apps. It took me even longer to figure out how they could be helpful. It’s social media apps that really got me hooked. Right now, my favourite one is Instagram. Instagram is actually a program that started out as an app and was adapted for a computer, unlike Facebook that started out as a platform accessed through a computer that was adapted into app form. Elise Moreau in “What is Instagram, Anyway?” explains that Instagram can be accessed on a computer but for viewing only. Users must use the app to upload and share.

What do you think about apps? Do you still find it confusing or do you feel like an app master like I sometimes do? Do they make your life easier? Do you have a favourite one? How many of you wouldn’t get up in the morning if it weren’t for your clock app? Personally, my life is a lot easier now that I have my HR app, the app for my benefits, the essential calendar app, and the 25 morning alarms I have set in my clock app. I even have an app that allowed me to proctor exams remotely today! Of course, I can’t forget my favourites; any app that tells people to bring me food!


Facebook: How much do you really use apps? Are they important tools in your life? Or are they simply portals to your favourite social media escapes? Check out my latest blog to find out how I use apps to make my new work life easier.

Instagram: There’s an app for that! Check out how I figured out that apps could help me in my new job.




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