Is Facebook Really Dying?

Do you still use Facebook? I remember in 2007 hearing about this “Facebook” thinking it was similar to my space but cooler and I decided to sign up because all my friends were doing it. Facebook ended up being a big part of my college experience. We’d message each other through Facebook even if we were sitting next to each other in class. We’d connect to find out when and where to hang out. Of course, it was also a great resource for finding out where the closest party was happening. Facebook grew very quickly and we all totally forgot about MySpace.

I still have my Facebook page. It’s evolved a lot. I’ve accumulated pictures and memories. I still use it to connect with my friends. I don’t see myself deleting it anytime soon. I recently started working in a University and I hear from students all of the time that Facebook is dying. Apparently, Snapchat is way cooler now. I’ve tried to use Snapchat but it’s really not my thing. I don’t get it.

So, what are the facts? Is Facebook really dying? In his article “Is Facebook Slowly Dying”, Giovanbattista Cimmino says “Many adults now use Facebook as a glorified address book”. He says that young people “jump to the latest trend without a second thought” and that “Facebook is now a dinosaur”. According to Elizabeth Orley in her article “Is Facebook dying in 2019” it’s not that clear. She says that “people are so emerged into the platform it makes it hard to get rid of it for many users” and that it will be hard for us to give it up.

There are many varying opinions online, so what’s yours? Do you still use Facebook? Are you a business owner that relies on it? Have you already moved away from Facebook and if so, what do you use now? Is there something that us diehard Facebook users have been missing out on? Tell us what we’ve been missing out on or if you’re not ready to let go yet in the comments below.


Facebook: Do you think Facebook is dying? I hear this a lot from younger people. To them Facebook is no longer cool. Check out “Is Facebook Really Dying?” on the blog!

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2 thoughts on “Is Facebook Really Dying?

  1. I think that Facebook is definitely still appealing to the older demographic (me) but much less so for younger people. Also, when I think about promotions, I would choose Instagram or Twitter but I would still use Facebook to connect with people I know.

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