Facebook vs Instagram: Which One Is Better For Small Business Marketing?

When it comes down to choosing which platform is better used for small business marketing, it can be a very tough choice considering that each social media platform has their own advantages and disadvantages. It also depends on which demographic a small business company is targeting to, as Facebook is nowadays known more as a social network for seniors and families than teens and young adults (even if they surely use Facebook as well). Meanwhile, Instagram is more widely used by the younger demographic (mostly high school and college students) due to a much more friendly user interface, and some of the biggest internet celebrities use Instagram a lot more than Facebook, which no doubt allowed them to gain a massive following of a young audience hungry for great content.

Photo Courtesy Of Pexels

With that being said, depending on the target demographic a business brand would want to cater to, it is important to know which of the two platforms should be best used for marketing purposes. If a small business wants to focus on selling a product or service to an older generation, Facebook would be a great platform for that, as consumers on that website have a lot more income and much better spending power than those of Instagram, in which the majority of the user base is of the younger demographic.

Photo Courtesy Of Pexels

However, if a small business wants to focus on selling a product or service to a younger crowd, than Instagram is more likely the better solution, due to the fact that brand engagement is much higher on that platform than that of Facebook. While Facebook only has 32% of users who partake in brand engagement on a regular basis, Instagram actually has 58 times more brand engagement than Facebook, with 68% of Instagram users who engage with their brands.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to which part of the target demographic a small business owner would want to focus on. Even though Facebook has been around for a lot longer than Instagram, I think they are both really good options, as they are both effective at gaining an audience for a particular business brand and a chance to maintain a really solid following.

Which social media platform do you think would be best for small business marketing? Sound off in the comment section

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