COM0014 – Blog #4: Naturally engaged


Since 2003, Cocoon Apothecary has been crafting and selling an ever-expanding, plant-based skin care line from their location in Kitchener, Ontario. Jessica and Lane, a husband a wife team, are passionate about what they do. It shows in the quality of their eco beauty products and efforts to engage their audience.

This couple is savvy on social media. This week’s lesson emphasized the importance of claiming your brand across various online tools. Cocoon Apothecary have an active online presence on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, their blog and website.

I find their approach honest and refreshing. Each interaction is informative and inspiring. You can see from their following and content that they care about customers and listen to various channels to share and engage in dialogue with others.

A large portion of Cocoon’s content is audio/visual. The photos and videos they use across their social media channels are well composed and consistent in style. Cocoon’s brand identity is strong and recognizable across all platforms. Specials discounts are posted periodically as an incentive for potential and existing customers. They appreciate local love here in Kitchener and actively engage in shows, markets and discussions to motivate others to embrace natural skin care.

Cocoon shares customer success stories to influence others to try their products. Jessica speaks on camera about the many benefits of natural skin care, demystifies ingredients, provides demonstrations and shares many insights for viewers to get to know her better. She speaks authentically in the spirit of teaching others before selling products – building relationships with her followers. Customers can also ask questions and view thoughtful video responses on Formulator Fridays.  

Cocoon’s communication style is gentle yet confident as they take the time to explain how their products can bring value to your life. They openly share their passion for their craft and high-quality standards.

There are so many reasons Cocoon Apothecary is successful, thoughtful use of social media is just one of them. Their approach is simple and elegant. Their products are truly incredible. I hope they continue to enjoy success for many years to come – I am a customer for life!

Tell me about one of your favourite local businesses that clearly understands the importance of a social media strategy? I’d love to hear from you.

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