Blog #2: Strong and Weak Organizations

I love to bake – it is my hobby of choice and so I enjoy learning new baking techniques and looking at pictures of beautiful delicious baked goods, while also posting pictures of my own creations! As such, I follow a long list of bakers on my Instagram and Twitter accounts. I used to follow a lot more but quickly lost interest in some due to lacklustre posts. Let me explain…

Lacking a social media strategy

One of my favourite places to get a treat in Ottawa is the Sconewitch – they have the best scones I’ve ever had! I started following them on Twitter hoping to see some exciting posts but soon realized there was nothing fun in terms of content and posts were quite sporadic. I also noticed that for this past month there were a few more tweets than usual but before that there was not a single tweet since August 31, 2017! How strange? This is a definite sign of a missing social media strategy.

A couple of first steps they could take would be posting their flavour of the month scone. That would at least give them 12 extra posts a year. As well, they would be well served by posting a few videos of scones in the making. At their warehouse location, I was quite impressed seeing their “giant” rolling pin machine at work so I am sure others would be to. They could also benefit from interacting with their customers, perhaps taking a poll to see what their favourite scones are or taking a poll on customers’ favourite scone topping. Another strategy could be having some kind of contest where people could win a box of scones. These first few steps would definitely help get their social media strategy going and start generating more publicity for them.

Impressive social media strategy

On the flip side, one person that has a very impressive social media strategy is Mary Berg. Mary was the lucky winner of Masterchef Canada a few years back. Not only does she have a captivating presence and quirky personality but she lets that shine through on her Instagram posts. Mary posts frequently, but not annoyingly so. She also posts a variety of styles: pictures with recipes linked to her website, videos of test recipes as well as Instastories that are fun to watch. She also interacts with her fan-base and often has contests with prizes. She also posts videos of her personal life, which I think makes her more relatable too. As well, something that is unique to her is that she posts videos of “dough punches” when she makes bread and, as such, people have sent her their own “dough punches” which she often re-posts.

Sticking to the food theme, another winner in my opinion is Farm Boy, a local grocery store chain. They often post on Instagram pictures of their new products with dates and locations of when they can be sampled. Several times, I have found myself enticed to try new products that they advertised on their Instagram feed. They also post videos and often publicize contests on their Instagram feed. However, they don’t saturate you to the point of not wanting to follow them on social media anymore. In addition, I found that when someone posts a comment with a negative undertone, they are quick to reply to the customer’s concerns in a polite and courteous manner. Other companies would perhaps delete the comment immediately not to attract negative attention.



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