COM0014 – Blog #3 – Walking Among Trees.

Ever since I could go outside, I found myself drawn to the world of trees. I didn’t live anywhere close to a huge forest but, I found myself drawn to any forest I could find no matter the size. The oxygen, peace, and adventure I found there would recharge my body and allow me to go back to reality with a new perspective. Sometimes when I would stray towards the common forest path trails where people commonly walk, I would notice the details of my fellow audience of forest lovers. Usually, it consisted of little boys between the ages of four to fourteen looking for a frog to catch or an athletic individual usually jogging to stay in shape. I would cross a lot of middle-aged singles or couples (middle-upper class) with younger kids playing scavenger hunt games or throwing a stick for the family pet. I wouldn’t run into too many single men walking around in the forest, that’s for sure. If I were to create content for an audience like my fellow forest wanderers, I would need to split up the children (4 yrs – 14 yrs) and middle-aged individuals (27 yrs – 40 yrs).  

Let’s remember that I have only been talking to you about forests in Ontario, Canada. The ethnic and religious importance on this changes completely when you are focussing on another location in the world. In Ethiopia, they have church forests where forest walks become very common and religious. In, Japan, they actually practice forest walks as a way of escaping the pollution. It is called Forest bathing, they combine nature poems with a smooth forest walkway to accomplish rejuvenating tasks within the body.


Shinrin Yoku website, Japan Forest Walk

I started thinking about how the demographics of my audience related to my psychographics. These families do not travel much, they are dressed and purchase costly clothes (thank you, google trends) to face the elements out on walks. Especially if we are focussing on the athletic individuals who drink three eggs every morning before their run. I do not have a vehicle, but thanks to google analytics I have noticed that my audience needs them to get to most forest walking locations anyway. I also feel that a big psychographic trait would include sharing their information with others, forest walking is a direct link to your health and can spark an undying passion for nature. I studied my audience with a few more tools and found some groups on my twitter and facebook search I joined in and started to explore. I have already started to notice some trends to target, events to go to, and I wouldn’t mind doing a little survey before I run a campaign to make sure I do not hit any tender spots within the community. I have found some favorite campaigns to follow and will be conducting research with these and seeing how their audience can connect to mine,  The Trillion Trees Campaign and The Highway of Heroes Campaign.

When is the last time you have been for a walk to get some fresh air out in the woods?






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