COM0014: Blog #7 – Personal Reflection

As we wrap up the few months we spent mastering digital communication, I can’t help but reminisce on the lessons that stuck out to me the most. For example, learning how important storytelling really is in the social media business world. Without good storytelling, genuine interactions, and a strong online presence it’s unlikely that your company will succeed. 

As a consumer I can relate to wanting a deeper connection from the companies I purchase from. This course has definitely given me an appreciation for companies with a good social media presence and helped me become aware of the ones that don’t.

A few activities were ones I haven’t tried before. Writing blog posts was definitely a new territory for me, but it brought out skills I didn’t know I had and gave me an entirely new confidence in writing blog posts. One of the biggest challenges for me in this course was writing long papers. However, I will continue to practice writing and I am confident I will master that as well.

I am sure that learning digital communication will help me in my future business adventures, as social media is still becoming increasingly popular and more useful. Although I am still unsure of what route I would like to take with my business, digital communication will help me on whichever path I decide to conquer. This course has given me a new interest in learning about the different and effective ways of communicating with your target audience – and how to know exactly who that is.

This course has taught me a lot about my personal writing style and where I want to take my writing. What was your biggest takeaway?

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