COM0014 – Blog #6: My Childhood Shaped My Business

10 years ago I was just a nine year old girl with not much to worry about. My biggest worry seemed to be what my mom was cooking for dinner that night, or what friend I would be hanging out with. Even though my stresses were few, my hopes and dreams were plentiful.

I have always had supportive parents. No matter what career I chose that week they always supported my aspirations. First I wanted to be a nurse, so I could be just like my mom. Then a scientist, a doctor, social worker, and the list goes on. My goals for the future were constantly changing, but there was one thing I was ignoring while choosing my career – my skills and passion for business.

Around the age of 9 I started becoming increasingly interested in starting my own business. I created prototypes for a diabetic dog treat brand I wanted to create. I made a business plan for a bakery my best friend and I were sure we were going to start. While at the grocery store I would constantly be organizing and facing the products while my mom was shopping. No matter what I did I proved I was a hard-worker while relating anything I could in my life to business.

Although I was still changing the business I wanted to run, I was also regularly thinking of new ways to be innovative and learn new things. Despite the fact that these experiences may seem irrelevant to some, they played a large role in aiding my decision in career choice.

These experiences helped me realize that business is my true passion, and it will always be a large part of my life.

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