COM0014 – Blog #5: My Personal Brand

Setting yourself apart from others is hard. While many try to fit in, others enjoy standing out and being different or unique to others. I myself have definitely struggled with this at some points in my life. However, throughout my years of struggles and successes I have gained experiences and knowledge that have changed me for the better.

An early experience that I enjoyed immensely was specializing in business in high school. Through co-op programs, business classes, and classes at the college I fully prepared myself to enter college. I attended classes such as computer programming, business, and international law at my high school – while partaking in a baking course at the college to gain college experience.

College life has undoubtedly taught me more about myself than high school ever did. It has shown me how driven I really am, and how no matter what comes my way I am still going to try my hardest to achieve my goals.

While currently studying pre-business I have shown innovation, leadership, ambition, and improved on many other important business qualities as well. These are very important qualities, but what I am most proud of is my reflectiveness. I am always able to think about the experiences, people, or knowledge I’ve obtained and use that to make intuitive and responsible decisions in my personal and work life.

What are some work experiences you’ve been through that have helped you make smarter or more responsible decisions?

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