COM0014 – Blog #1: Mini Vacation To Wasaga Beach

          You might not think that a vacation day to Longest freshwater beach in the world could be relaxing but don’t you worry, I am going to share with you how I spent my last mini vacation at Wasaga beach and give you some tips about your visit along the way. This beach has a boardwalk running from one deserted side of the beach to a densely populated area of people, shops, and restaurants. Thankfully I decided to pack sandwiches, snacks, and juice for my nephew and brother because the price can run high down the boardwalk. At the more populated, area 1 of the beach there are also showers and water fountains. There is parking, but it is so expensive and usually by the hour, especially when you get close to the shop end of the beach.

So here’s a tip with parking at Wasaga beach. You set your google maps from Wasaga beach to Luau Resort because they have all-day parking for only five dollars NOT TO MENTION they are near the relaxed, further area 2 section of the beach. IMG_20170820_195137You might see people walking through but if you cross the road and walk for the beach, you will find a pathway through because their are millions.  Wasaga beach is two hours from Toronto. My hometown of Barrie, Ontario is only an hour away from Wasaga which is even better and most of the drive is road surrounded by farm field.

Badminton, lunch, and sunset. It was a beautiful day, the drive was traffic free like usual and the sun was bright as ever with blue skies. I remember wanting to go so bad for the three years before that and just thinking, “finally, I can go feel the soft white sand and explore the shallow warm sand bars out in the water”. We arrived and set up shop on a little hill overlooking the beach and boardwalk, they have tables set up in the shady treelines. IMG_20170816_191529We explored the sand bars like I craved, roamed the shops but I decided just to look. Then, we played some badminton and ate lunch together while the sun started to fall. 

Favorite part. My favorite part of my mini vacation didn’t have anything to do with the beautiful beach, blue sky, and a relaxing atmosphere. IMG_20170816_193641 It was my adorable nephew sneaking off to stand in the trees (by himself) so he could go make a duty. I found it hilarious, he is usually so shy but because we were in the treeline he found comfort there.

             So, my mini vacation was just what I needed, thanks to Wasaga’s beautiful beach I can re-live my childhood days of playing in the sand or going to get ice cream. IMG_20170816_203206I may not fit underneath the boardwalk anymore like I did when I was a child but that’s alright because Wasaga has tons of stuff I can do instead. IMG_20170816_202020

I would go skydiving. If you could go or do anything on this list, what would it be?


2 thoughts on “COM0014 – Blog #1: Mini Vacation To Wasaga Beach

    • Skull Island Mini Golf does look fun lol I love their “Drop Us A “Yarrr” saying on their website haha.

      Check out the site for some pics too, great for kids and adventurous adults plus I’m pretty sure they have an ice cream hut on location! 😉 Yum!

      Site —–>

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