Why Twitter is my favourite social media platform

Blog #1 :Tools & Sources

Favourite social media trend listening/ monitoring Tools

My absolute favourite social media tool is Twitter. There are many reasons why, but mostly because I work in communications as a media analyst and Twitter is, arguably, the best source for getting real-time updates – something that other platforms (including print and broadcast media) don’t provide. Twitter is also a great tool for listening, especially in terms of a conducting a Twitter search on items so see what is being said about the said searched item. You can get an infinite number of opinions just from searching various terms!

However, you must be careful in terms of believing everything you read on Twitter. Just like the internet, some people (foreign agents and bots) are keen on disrupting the flow of real facts so it is essential to get information from reputable sources. That said, some reputable sources can unknowingly proliferate fake news. This was the case with the “MAGA Kid” a couple of months ago. In this case, people were spreading untruths about teen Nick Sandmann and ultimately, he filed  a $250M defamation lawsuit against the Washington Post.

As well, Newscan is a tool I like to use at work. It provides various information including graphs based on news articles filtered by social media platforms, hashtags, authors as well as mentions. With these results, it is once again easier to understand your audience’s engagement and search for specifics required for reporting purposes.  Other tools that I like include Keyhole and Tweetdeck, which allow you to track information by various metrics including hashtags.

Best Sources of News/Updates of interests

As previously indicated my favourite social media platform and source of news is Twitter. The reason is because you can get information and latest updates in real time. As there are constant developments to news stories it’s easier to track down the latest information in real time from eyewitnesses present at the scene.

Another one of my favourite social media platforms for personal interest content is Instagram. I love to bake and cook and also seeing what the latest trends are. what better place to get a visual of that than Instagram! I follow many experts in the field including several chefs like Mary Berg, Martha Stewart, Nigella Lawson and Cooks illustrated. I also find it motivating when followers leave comments with their opinions on how they would modify the food dish presented on Instagram. Feel free to follow my cooking journey on Instagram at @shireenaliott!

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