COM0014 – Blog #1: Are we there yet?

Day one
We were on the road by one, hoping Little C would nap most of the way… well that didn’t happen. It’s a toddler’s idea of torture, being trapped in a car seat for three hours when all you want to do is run and play. “We’re almost there buddy!” exclaimed my husband as we drove down the steep hills of Georgian Bluffs. When we pulled up to the cottage we were greeted by our hosts and invited to join them for a quick swim – although Little C was more interested in throwing rocks. Typically the waters of Georgian Bay are frigid in August. We got lucky, the temperature was just right. After our swim, we fired up the barbecue and enjoyed a melt-in-your-mouth steak dinner as the sun set over the water. Our night ended catching up with friends over the flickering glow of the campfire.

A toddler throwing rocks into the water.
Little C throwing rocks in the water – one of his favourite activities at the cottage

Day two
“Wake Mommy!” At six a.m., our little guy was rested and ready to go. That’s more than I could say for myself after “sleeping” with a toddler. To avoid waking everyone, we quietly put on our shoes and set off on an early morning stroll to explore nature’s little treasures.

Back at the cottage the smell of bacon and eggs was calling our names. After filling our bellies, we drove down the road to Big Bay for some swimming and snorkelling fun. Known as the “skipping stone capital of Canada”, the crystal clear waters are lined with rounded stones ideal for skipping on calm water – which we did!

Snorkelling at Big Bay.
Snorkelling at Big Bay

We returned to the cottage mid-afternoon for Little C to have his nap. The group went out in the “party boat” while I caught up on my reading. When the crew arrived back at the cottage we all pitched in with dinner prep. We feasted on barbecued chicken, sausages, marinated veggies and fresh salad. The night continued by the campfire where we played trivia games and ate “spider dogs”.

Day three
We began the day inhaling a delicious cinnamon raisin french toast breakfast, you should try it… yum-my! As we relaxed on the couch, Little C happily played with some of my favourite vintage Fisher Price toys. We cleaned up our room and packed up the car with one more stop before we headed home, Sauble Beach. After an hour drive we made our way to the beach. We got on our gear, put on our sunscreen – and filled up our water guns. We swam, built sand castles and buried Little C! After a few fun-filled hours, we had to hit the road.

Water guns at the beach.
Watching and waiting for innocent bystanders

Three days away may not seem like much, but it was a nice break from reality. We shared new experiences, enjoyed beautiful views, soaked up some vitamin D, consumed too many calories and created lasting memories. This mini-vacation was short but sweet!

Do you have any location suggestions for our next Ontario vacation?


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