COM0014 – Blog #6: Do People Know Your Story?

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The biggest challenge for my business is unfortunately more traditional media such as radio and television when it comes to the news and weather.  The ski industry either thrives or dies off of what mother nature gives us, but unfortunately when we get the big snow falls and best ski conditions, medias such as the radio and news channels have become extremely dramatic about the conditions scaring people away from trying to get to the ski hills, when in fact the roads really aren’t bad at all. It’s taken a lot of effort on our part through our own social medias when these days happen to actually show people the conditions and that people are still skiing and having fun even with the snow.  It has definitely been interesting, the last 15cm snow day that we got we posted an article that was talking about this exact topic, and so many people agreed that the weather conditions are over dramatized on these medias, especially within Ontario.  So we are working really hard now on showing people that they don’t have to be locked inside and that they can still get outside and enjoy a fun day out on the hills.

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