Hello fellow social media fans! My name is Mel and I’m here to improve my understanding of trends in social media and learn how to engage more personally with my followers and the followers of the brand account that I manage.
I’ve been in the creative field of photography for the past 15 years since graduating from the Algonquin College diploma program and am finding more and more how importantly photography and social media go hand in hand.
When I started photography, it was still film and social media wasn’t even a term, so I’m interested to develop my skills in this ever changing field and delve more into the benefits of trends I’ve been seeing pop up such as the popularity of stories and Facebook live, and how they can be applied to my photography based career.

To me, social media is the practice of online engagement: the producing of, sharing and commenting on content created by users for users via social media platforms. It’s truly fascinating how much content on any subject is available at our finger tips at any given time.
One of my favourite aspects of social media is blogs. I find the majority of blogs that I follow are photography related (occupational hazard) but what draws me into their content the most are use of images (is it appropriate for the blog content? Is it beautiful and eye catching? Is it original?) and the tone of the text in the blog.
When reading personal interest blogs I’m looking for a friendly conversational tone; I want to be included in the conversation and feel like I was there when I read the back story about the images that are sparking emotions as I scroll through.

Here’s one of my favourite blogs by Two Mann Studios, an Alberta based husband and wife photography team:

Copyright: Two Mann Studios (

How do you feel about their latest post?

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