NZ: Home Away from Home

Tēnā Koutou, Tēnā Koutou,  Tēnā Koutou….

Means Hello in Maori language

I never thought that one day I will be traveling to New Zealand. It took me about 24 hours of travel time to reach the country. What really caught my attention when I landed in Wellington is the striking resemblance of nature to Canada. It reminded me very much of Ottawa in spite of jet lag. NZ is home away from home.

New Zealand is located in the Pacific Ocean 2000 km east of Australia across the Tasman sea.The Capital City is Wellington, and the most populous city is Auckland. The country is compromised of two islands: the North island and the south island. The official languages are English and Maori.

New Zealand shares the same Canadian values in regards to diversity and inclusion, human rights, and it is considered the least corrupt nation in the world according to the Corruption Perception Index.

The Kiwis (New Zealanders) are very respectful, peaceful, friendly, casual, and polite people based on personal encounter and business dealings.

Upon arrival, we have been received by a special Maori welcome ritual ceremony of encounter called Powhiri, followed by a song called Waiata – Tutira Mai, and then we did the hongi (nose touch). This is Ed Sheeran Powhiri ceremony.

There is another traditional performance called the Haka which became internally renowned with New Zealand Rugby team All Blacks. View this amazing performance.

Beside the Moari Culture and sight seeing, there is an important aspect of New Zealand movie industry. I had a chance to visit the Weta Cave close to wellington. These are studios that made the Lord of the Rings trilogy which were all produced in New Zealand. I has a tour of Weta Workshop which highlighted the movies that were produced, and how props, weapons, customer, amours, robotics are manufactured. Weta means a large brown wingless insect related to the grasshoppers, with long spiny legs and wood-boring larvae, found only in New Zealand. These studios is partially owned by Peter Jackson the director of the Lord of the Rings

Did you Know:

32,000 Prosthetic Hobbit feet made for the Hobbit (Weta Newsletter)

48,000 items made for the Lord of the Rings (Weta Newsletter)

Not to forget the amazing production of miniatures

When you are coming to business, it is nice to capture a glimpse of New Zealand spirit for the few hours you can spare during the day.

Would you now consider New Zealand on you bucket list?

Kia ora! Best Wishes


Have you ever thought of New Zealand #visit_nz. It is home away from Home#NZMustDo


Why you should consider New Zealand on your bucket list?

3 thoughts on “NZ: Home Away from Home

  1. Hey Maya,
    This was such a great read on New Zealand! You definitely highlighted some interesting aspects of the country which I hope to visit in 2020! When did you visit?! I really loved the video you shared of the All Blacks performing the native Haka dance. Their intensity and emotion during their performance is bar none one of the best I have ever seen. Definitely something I hope to experience when I visit.
    Hope you enjoyed your trip!

  2. Hello Maya,

    Wow, I sure am envious of your trip! I too would love to visit New Zealand and the points you have highlighted in this blog post have only made this destination move up on my list of “must visit locations”.

    Did you visit both the North and South Island? Which location did you prefer?

    The Haka is fascinating, thank you for including such great clips in your post!

  3. I am still actually in New Zealand for work, and the program requires us to visit two cities Wellington and Auckland which are in the north island . The best time to travel is in February, because it is still summer. Expect to have four seasons weather, as we had two days sunny and two days wet and cold in Wellington. It is an experience to remember for the people are extremely nice and welcoming.

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