COM0014 – Blog #4: Hoaka Swimwear

Hoaka Swimwear is an online-based swimwear company, started by Elisabeth Rioux in Quebec, Canada. At only 18 years old, she created a brand that now has over five-hundred thousand followers on instagram, and an international fan base.

The company offers a range of women and mens swimwear, in a variety of colours and sizes. Their products are made from neoprene, a high-quality material also used by scuba divers.

Their social media presence does not disappoint, either! The company is very active on Instagram, posting multiple times throughout the day.

They often post pictures of customers or celebrities wearing their products. Another main use of their Instagram is to post new products. Not only is this a very cost-effective way to market their swimsuits, but also a successful one considering Rioux’s already large following.

They also host many contests where prizes include bikinis, international trips, money, and gift cards. Their most popular giveaway is the weekly swimsuit giveaway. Leave a positive comment on one of their posts, and you’re entered to win a free Hoaka.

I would say Hoaka Swimwear’s approach to social media and engaging with their audience is definitely working. Besides their large following, they post meaningful content and have genuine conversations with customers. They prove to be a loyal and trustworthy company by maintaining a positive online presence and spreading positive thoughts and words of empowerment to people everywhere.

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