COM0014 – Blog #4: B2C Case Study


When it comes to B2C business’ who are engaging with their consumers online, the absolute best example that comes to mind for me is Netflix.  To give a brief history, Netflix has been using social media to benefit them before even launching as a company, they targeting avid film buffs on internet chatrooms as well as Indy film reviewers in the 1990s before launching their DVD delivery service.

Now a day since Netflix is quickly becoming a very dominant business, they still use social media to benefit themselves and engage with customers daily.  The main one being Twitter, and since Netflix is different between each region, they all have separate accounts and banter back and forward which engages and entertains consumers. But what else is great from Netflix, is that through these accounts they acknowledge what people are saying and that they are listening to what the viewers want.  Netflix is great at so many things with social media, communicating and interacting with their customers as well as advertising is just the start of it.

Netflix’s approach to social media and B2C strategy is fantastic and shows for itself with the amount of success it has had, they have definitely put a lot of money and effort into it and it is definitely working.

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