COM0014 – Blog #3: Who Is Athletic Wear Really For?

As a young student, I have been trying to find ways to lose the calories from the easy-to-grab snacks that take up most of my diet. Since most of my time is spent studying, I decided to spent my free time weight-lifting. This has sprouted a love for athletic wear and an extreme love for window shopping athletic wear online. I can’t be the only one with this problem, right?

Athletic wear is all the rage nowadays. Many young adults can be seen wearing LuluLemon, Nike, Adidas, and UnderArmour.

Many range from ages 18-40, and although the clothing is aimed towards those who workout, those who don’t enjoy it just the same! This clothing is marketed towards those interested in a healthy lifestyles, feeling confident, and many of the higher brands of athletic wear are marketed towards those with a higher income.

Some effective ways of marketing to this audience would be through social media, or influencers on social media. Many athletic wear companies sponsor instagram influencers for promoting their clothing. This allows the target audience to be reached directly.

Communicating with audience is an entirely different story. This audience tends to be more tech-savvy, and many would prefer communicating entirely online. Engaging with your audience in the fitness clothing industry begins with motivation. Many companies tend to post motivational quotes or photos to inspire their audience. Starting campaigns, contests, or promotions are all ways to fully engage with your audience.

An example of effectively engaging with your audience would be LuluLemon. They post members of the community succeeding in their careers, while wearing LuluLemons clothing. They also post short inspirational quotes, as well as start conversations to engage with their audience.

What is your favourite workout clothing item?


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