COM0014 – Blog #3, Becoming An AirBnB Owner

Airbnb’s have become a popular option for travelers who don’t want to spend all of their get away budget on accommodations and for those who may want a little more of a personal touch than a hotel can offer. I am new to the Airbnb rental world. I currently rent out residential properties but am interested in merging into this type of a venture. First though, I need to do a little research. I am going to start a blog about operating an Airbnb. It will include information about the types of units to consider, location, financial requirements and how to get started. I will also ask for tips on how to become an Airbnb Super-host.



My blog should attract the interest of Airbnb owners and others who are interested in learning about the business. Based on my research on Twitter Search and on Facebook, most owners are 50+ years of age and according to @AirbnbCitizen, 58% of Canadian owners are female. This seems to be true as less than 20% of the target audience that I found in my research were male. Most of them appear to be white and even though this is an international business, most of those that I found are American. Some are married but the majority did not provide this information even after searching on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. In previous research, I have found that a portion of the Airbnb operator demographic includes young adults hoping to rent the couch in their living room or a room in their house but I did not find any of their posts.

girlThey are all entrepreneurs who often run more than one business and have a passion for travel. They have visited many parts of the world and want to offer the opportunity for others to see their hometown. They appear to be at least middle class with some disposable income since they travel. 

I will attract the correct demographic by providing research on the value of owning and operating an Airbnb business. I will also use Facebook and LinkedIn to promote my blog since according to, the 50+ age group is predominantly on these platforms and they are also the most popular networks for entrepreneurs and the self-employed in Canada




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