COM0014 – Blog #2: The Keys to Successful Storytelling

Every good conversation starts with a story. To make these stories interesting we use tools such as grammar, tone, perspective, and personal reflections. Here are some new ways I’ve learned to improve your online and face-to-face conversations!

The first thing that stuck into my mind was definitely using an active voice, rather than a passive one. I would definitely say before this lesson I had a hard time deciphering between the two – but not anymore! Even though using a passive voice is not wrong, by using an active voice you can spice up your writing and make your point more clear to the reader. You can use the active voice by putting the subject of the sentence in an active role.

Learning how to engage or interact with your audience effectively can definitely be hard. One of the big things that makes this easier is using your own personal reflections or experiences to spark up conversations in the comments! This can be done by asking questions that may be about a similar experience you’ve been through. This will allow the reader to feel connected to you, and write a meaningful response that will further discussions; instead of just ask a question!

Another very important aspect of communicating is grammar. Whether it be spelling, grammar, or punctuation – good grammar allows the reader to stay connected and interested.

By using these tools, and lots of practice – you can effectively communicate with others too!

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