COM0014 – Blog #1: My Summer Vacation

It was a cool day in August, when my boyfriend, Phil, and I were headed to the Metro Detroit Airport. We were flying to Orlando, Florida to meet my parents for a week of sun-filled fun. I had never been on an airplane before, so my stomach was full of butterflies.

Once on the airplane, I was pretty calm and not nearly as nervous as I thought I’d be. As soon as the plane started moving, that changed pretty quickly. I was having a full-blown panic attack, and we still had one more plane to go! We had a connecting flight in Charlotte, North Carolina. After a lot of breathing, some crying, and trying to stay calm, I made it through both planes without too much stress, and we made it to my parents.

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After a few days spent sun-bathing and eating as much American food as we could, we thought it would be a good idea to try something new! Phil and I had never been jet-skiing before – so, why not see what Florida has to offer? We ended up at a small lake on the outskirts of Orlando, and each rented our own jet-ski. The cool summer air surrounded us as we circled the small lake, and made memories to last forever.

The next day we drove about an hour away, and spent the day at a beach near Cape Canaveral. The cruise ships were an amazing sight as we sun-bathed and swam in the ocean. We rented surf boards off the beach, and kept trying until we were sick of falling off. We walked to a nearby grocery store for a quick snack while we waited for my parents to pick us up.

It was quickly becoming known that the next few days of my vacation, wouldn’t be as fun as the first few. My skin was becoming bright red, and I was starting to feel extremely sick. I was so sunburnt, I couldn’t move! I laid in our cool resort room until nighttime, then used the pool to cool down my skin.

Even though I did have anxiety and get super sun-burnt on this trip, it was still an experience of a lifetime.

This is just the beginning of my travel adventures, as I want to experience many more places and cultures, and expand my knowledge exponentially. Some places I plan on visiting are Greece, New Zealand, Switzerland, and basically anywhere with mountains!

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