Assignment 1, Blog #2 Story Telling and Communication Styles

Do you have best practices for writing stories? A few that I think are important include pre-planning, prioritizing, using an active voice, reviewing and practice.

It is important for an author to first know what their goal is. Are they informing the audience of something new or trying to convince them to complete an action? The tone chosen is very different when they are trying to convince someone to vote for them versus describing a favorite vacation spot. Once they have decided, they can clearly convey it in their composition. The author should also decide how the story will end before composing it so that they are clear and concise. People are busy. 34c95409abc9d3be7090b35e02ff-1444743Many often just skim a story looking for the important parts. If they have to stop everything else that they are doing to find the most important part, they will likely give up and move on to something else. For that reason, it is important to use the inverted triangle approach and put the most important part of a story in the first paragraph. The other paragraphs can contained the details that compliment the story.


Using an active voice with proper spelling and grammar makes the story clearer and more interesting not to mention more accepting to most audiences. It is much harder to believe in the value of an article and for it to be considered professional or useful when it is full of spelling and grammar mistakes. Many are very common mistakes that can be avoided. There are several articles that can be referred to for a list of them. The one shared in our class reading was by ZDnet: 20 more writing mistakes that make you look stupid. Sometimes when reviewing quietly a person might read what they want to see instead of what is actually there so it is also a good idea to have someone else review the piece before publishing it.

The only way for anyone to get better at doing something is through practice.  Just like a gymnast has to spend hours at the gym repeating their routine over and over again, an author has to practice writing stories and review each one several times before deciding that it is ready to publish. What are your thoughts?pen

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