They’re at the P.O.S.T., They’re Off; The Horse Race of Social Media Strategy

Horse running down track ridden by jockey. On left arm of jockey is the thumb up Facebook symbol. The jockey is wearing a white outfit with a green helmet.

Its Facebook by a nose! edited

Password is: DASMSCOM0012


Get On The Saddle

The imperative for success demands an alliterative handle of patience and persistence. This blog lends its support to the interactive nature of comments and observation, as well as input and continual updates from this site. Therein lies the participation and questions from the well experienced to the green tinted novice. Its never too late to take brilliant advice, nor to pour over the basics for a reiteration of the wisdom that may have escaped our minds. Giddy-up Social Media is there to help.

It is a horse race. Its about practice and breaking old habits, then using newer ideas being all aware of any imminent changes. Just don’t use the whip. It is a strategy of input and support used to garner this brand to use the essential ingredient through recurrent accomplishment named encouragement. Here we will encourage pride and achievement to dwarf ego and boast. Support those frustrated and curate individual solutions.  Easier said than done? Giddy up!


Brownh horse with white patch on forehead in pen in a stable. Horse is looking straight at camera with head over a rail.

Can I help you?










Stable Personalities

Let us introduce the our comments arena otherwise known as the stable. The generous nature of our commenters shall not go unread. We shall corral them into communities and utilize their nature, categorically, which shall go beyond the communities established in more traditional websites and blogs. Giddy-up creates a relationship between a problem, the answer, and the contributor. Dedicated contributors are approached often to ask to volunteer for online workshops and as forum moderators at Giddy-up and help us in the stable. Well, not using brooms nor shovels. More to help us smooth the race track for others, and look for newer trends, we call hay.

Two large hay bales appear on hay cut field. Smaller bales appear randomly. The bales appear as a typical straw colour of yellowish, brownish hue. Blue sky in background littered with grey and white cloud cover.

Rolling Along.



Making Hay

A major task assigned to those participating in social media realms is to keep an eye on newer methods, innovative brands and progressive social media strategy to maintain our lead on the learning curve. Here we make hay to stay ahead and innovate where possible. Continuing assessment of our analytics is crucial to existing strategy and optimum effectiveness yet any tweak or newer product may fill that niche we require.

The Making Hay category will, of course, be a primary section of our subscription newsletter. The call to action to integrate the nuances researched, found or discovered will be foremost for our community to test and reflect their respective use. Social media are always endeavouring to upgrade the use and application of what already exists. Examples of video length has gone a long way to assist clients and users disseminate information, and allows spectators and views to better “chunk” the materials available in the learning process. I may prefer to pitch “bales” (sic) of related information to facilitate the education of others.

white horse with braided mane and red bow next to its ear ties to reign. Floral arrangement appears on horse's back just ahead of saddle. Campanion horse appears next to horse. Some people in background. Snow appears to be falling.

Thank you. Thank you.


Once Around the Paddock

For the prized stallions, mares, yearlings, geldings and everything above and beyond, the Paddock will be the stage for the best suggestions and/or research for the week. The flourishing of splendid and dazzling ideas and nuances will be highlighted that adds to our repertoire for salient features that makes everyone’s social media life easier.

Again, this focal point of voluntary research and participation adds to a core value of Giddy-up; encouragement. Such recognition of our clients and participants adds to the nature of our brand and our motivation. Passing on such core beliefs and the inherent values within, collectively we can only generate an aura of congeniality and support as well as some enthusiasm to see others succeed in getting around in the digital world.

The Paddock lends itself to the credibility of peers and offsets some of the discouraging overly competitive values  that can discourage such dynamism. Bringing others into this digital realm is paramount in reducing arising generational gaps that may occur with the advent of such technology. We’ve established a program to draw the generations together in a companion program in a peer to peer setting, with one peer in a given educational mode.


Two horses, one a campanion pony or a friend of the other horse, a racing thoroughbred horse. The racing horse has a red and white number one displayed under his saddle draping the side of the horse. That jockey is dressed in blue with a blue helmet. The companion horse rider wears a black baseball cap and an orange short sleeved shirt.

Hey Pal.




Companion Pony

Companion ponies are the best of pals with thoroughbred racing horses and are used to bring calm into a pre-race environment. Often, one will see this in a televised horse race where there are particularly big stakes and purses at hand. Money, that is, not necessarily an over the shoulder accessory. In the same manner and disposition the Companion Pony program puts a knowledgeable social media practitioner together with, in this case, older student to learn the crags, rocky ledges and summits of this mountainous knowledge of the digital world.

Such a “buddy up” program of similar ilk transpired in 2010 at the Peel Region Public Library system in Ontario. Seniors were coupled with high school students to learn some of the basics of computers and the internet. Weekly meetings were arranged in local libraries for periods of two hours and the students guided and taught seniors the machinations and intricacies of the computer world, and made the internet relevant to their lives.

The library system deemed it as successful, but as an observer the participating students were a bit quick, unclear on some definitions and procedures, and a bit inaudible for the group of seniors with whom they were engaged. As an observer, any appropriate training of the students as trainers, could have drastically reduced training barriers for a more effective learning environment. Nonetheless, all participants walked away with solid information and newer interpersonal perspectives.

The Companion Pony Program (CPP) seeks to bring a similar model together with less of a generational gap, and more of a patient and persistent approach. Consequently, the communication dynamics with the older participants program can contribute to the lexicon and vestiges of the digital world to which one’s family can relate.

The CPP is not restricted to just the generational mode, but can be applied as a tutoring system where any instructor-learner combination can apply. It is a different vernacular and the informational and linguistic function itself, is appreciative at any level. Herein lies the means to go beyond the traditional marketing strategy juxtaposed to the social media strategy as learners can identify newer levels of the flexibility of social media marketing.


Horse and jockey riding horse ahead of the post gate on race track. Jockey in green attire with black helmet.

A little ahead of themselves at the post.



The (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Strengths) SWOT model is an exceptionally traditional way to determine one’s market for one’s product. Moreso, can be used at a variety of levels including definition of one’s organization through an organizational review. SWOT is a brilliant approach to many marketing strategy, however the POST ( People Objectives Strategies Technoligies) method assists in directly creating a social media strategy and has a focus on that technology that creates outcomes. Finding excellent niche markets, between major markets, and market segments will assist newer participants at Giddy-up Social Media to find a market by themselves, perhaps, but helps in working at a genuine level that will encourage their abilties and learning process through their involvement with social media.


Patrick Meagher is an online student at Algonquin College. Currently, he is enrolled in the Developing a Social Media Strategy course.


I can’t get WordPress to cooperate with themes. I can’t get WordPress to do the work instructed by handouts, nor it’s own HELP section. It does not produce the categories nor the sections attributed in any of the help, tutorials, nor handouts.



Let’s alll get involved.

See what students can produce.

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