COM0014 – Post 2 – Storytelling and Communication Styles

To be successful in communicating this blog post, the words I will select are just as critical as the order in which I present them.

Like, right here. If you, the reader, suddenly felt I was delivering a passive statement about something relatively insignificant to the blog post, I would probably lose you as a reader right? The content from here on out would seem relatively insignificant and the likelihood you would continue to read my story would weaken.

You want to know that what I am saying is not just another passive voice that can be read by anyone with an elementary reading ability. You want me to produce information that relates to topics you already know about, so that you don’t just analyze the information, but form your own opinions after synthesizing this information with that of other sources.

The importance of the words we choose when telling a story is so critical if we are going to give our blog a voice which suites its narrative. This works in conjunction to knowing what your audience is looking for. When you’re writing to academics, they are clearly looking for something very different than a teenager with limited understanding on the given topic.

We tell stories for the important reason that we want others to hear, remember, and ideally pass that story on. We owe it not just to ourselves, but to you, our readers, to ensure we have a lasting impact on you. That our story adds value to your life and you are able to form your own individual opinion on the story. Each readers perspective will vary, changing how the story can be read and interpreted. But, a good storyteller will never loose you as a reader, even if our opinions differ.

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