Two of the Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

Different companies will have different answers for what their favourite social media trend listening/monitoring tools are. It all depends on the organizations needs and interests. My two favourite tools are Hootsuite and Sprout Social because they are the two that I’m most familiar with. Twitter Counter was a favourite of mine but has recently shut down.

Hootsuite is a website I’m more familiar with because I had to use it in the Algonquin College Marketing program. It gives me a platform to monitor all of my social media accounts. I can schedule when I want tweets to be sent out or a post to be made on Facebook. Having the ability to monitor all social media accounts from one page is very convenient when you have several different pages to monitor.

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Sprout Social is another great tool to use to monitor social media trends relating to your organization. This website gives the opportunity to strengthen the connection with your audience. They give analytics based on different aspects of your social media pages. For example, Instagram can give you information on how your hashtags perform. It will also show how many people have engaged with the hashtag and how many people are using it.

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There are many different tools to monitor social media pages but I prefer Hootsuite and Sprout Social because they allow you to monitor all of your pages at the same time. Both pages offer the most convenient ways to monitor and manage your company’s social media pages.

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