ASSIGNMENT #1 Blog Post #1 – Tools and Sources

Social media has changed our world, the way the we interact with each other, the way we communicate  and the way we serve our customers. There are several analytical tools online that can measure different metrics.


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My first social media listening tools is Google Alerts, it is an easy and effective tool. It helped me remain up to date with the topics that interest me. I go back and change, delete or add topics that I would like to receive notification about every time. I receive alerts from different news channels and from some of my favourite blogs.

The social media listening tool that I use  is Hootsuite which I consider it a professional tool that helps me in my job as political media researcher. Hootsuite enables me to know the number of mentions, comments, retweets, likes and the topics that are shared on different platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

I use many social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, snapchat. Twitter is my favourite tool for news and updates, I follow hashtags and tweets for different news channels such as CNN, BBC and CBC, as well as couple of influencers in the field of human resources and human developments.

Blogs are another tool that interests me; I follow number of blogs that discuss parenting and the effective ways for dealing with kids to raise them in  healthy environment. My favourite blogs are Messy Motherhood and positive parenting solutions.



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Social media tools & sources


Social media tools & sources


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