COM0014 – Blog # 1 – What I Did on My Vacation

In the summer of 2018, I ventured to some of the most breathtaking countries I have yet to see–and I’ve been to over 27 countries! It was me, my Partner in Travel Anne, and our two friends from New York we met when travelling Europe 3 years ago, Katy and Mike. This trip marked our 5th trip together across 2 continents.

The North American Travel Group 🙂

It started in beautiful Croatia along the coast in Dubrovnik. I sipped in the warm salty air as we explored all the city had to offer. My favourite part of the city was an island just across the mainland called Otok Lokrum. This is where many episodes of Games of Thrones are filmed and the famous Iron Throne sits. A highlight for any Games of Throne fan! There was also a lagoon to swim in, and opportunities to jump right into the Adriatic Sea to cool off every time we turned around.C

THE Iron Throne!

From Dubrovnik, we rented a car and drove to Bosnia and Herzegovina to stay for a few days. Our knowledge of Mostar and its famous bridge which was destroyed in the Bosnian war when I was just a baby was very limited. We immediately did what we could to learn about the devastating affects of the Bosnian war. The bridge has now been rebuilt and declared a UNESCO Heritage Site.

The UNESCO Heritage Site Bridge in Mostar!
A Bird’s Eye view of the Bridge in Moster

On our way to our next stop, Split we stopped at the the Krka National Park in Dubrovnik. It was SPECTACULAR! We swam in a lagoon under a waterfall and walked our way through the luscious greenery the park had to offer. If you only have a day in Croatia, this is an absolute must! We also had to make sandwiches on the go 🙂

Sandwiches are a must after the hike and waterfall swim in Krka!

We reached Split, but didn’t love it the way we had loved our previous destinations, so we decided to take a small detour past the airport to Montenegro just so we could dip our toes in the Bay of Kotor before heading back to the airport to fly to Santorini. 6 days-3 countries and many laughs later we were on our way to the destination I loved the most.

The Bay of Kotor made for the perfect quick dip!

In Santorini, we couldn’t decide on just one or two things to do. Luckily, we had the hotel owner and native born Stavros to guide us towards ATV rentals. This was the best decision we made the whole trip!! In our 3 days in Santorini, we managed to ATV the entire Island. We would hop off our super fun new wheels to cool down in the Aegean Sea whenever we got too hot from the sun! (Side note: How much sun screen do you think one needs in Santorini? Take that and double it!) We found unique and quant restaurants where we could enjoy a glass of wine and some tzatziki. The food was amazing, the locals were hospitable, and the laughs we had cruising on our ATV’s are some of the most unforgettable.

Dinner with a sunset view
Basically the prom photo version of ATV’ing in Santorini
Oia 😍

From Santorini we made our way to another Greek Island-Mykonos and then the most historically recognized city of Athens! While I am by no means able to offer an opinion which would suite everyone, I can say for me, personally, Athens was my least favourite city I have ever visited. From this trip I have finally learned that the major city of any country is likely my least favourite place. So, at least I can be thankful for that and will know in the future to maybe avoid the major city and seek out adventures on roads less travelled.

The infamous Acropolis in Athens

Now that the four of us have visited almost every country in Europe, I am so ready for the next adventure which will take place in 2019! Asia… Here we come!!!

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