COM0014 – Blog#7 – Personal Reflection


Storytelling is the cornerstone of engagement. The internet is as diverse as our globe and almost everyone we know has a window into the story, of anyone willing to write in its pages. So how do you engage with a stranger for more than a couple of seconds? What makes someone take pause from their frantic scrolling and read your work, let alone follow you?

Good content is a story that evokes interest by virtue of being relatable. Regardless of the channel or medium, as storytellers we need to understand and read our audience. Most importantly, we must be true to ourselves so that the audience knows we’re real. This is how we can emote naturally.


Authenticity leads to emotion, which leads to engagement. Regardless of what you say, someone out there is not going to like it. Knowing you are not for everyone makes it easier to be yourself and attract those who find your story compelling.


My brand wants to build a community of everyday people who want to take a break from their digital world, connecting them with those that cater to provide remarkable outdoor experiences. I want to tell people about great trips. I want them to see themselves cooking by the side of a lake, watching the sunset from the top of a mountain or watching their kids catch their first fish. I want people to come with me on that journey. That is why I think it is essential that my content be guided by story. And I know I already said this in another blog: but what better place to tell a story than around a campfire?   

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